Air Jordan 12 “Game Flue” version of the slipper

Air Jordan 12 “Game Flue” version of the slipper PreviewIn the midst of the air jordan 12 numerous color, “andair game”, due to its classic history and be regarded for classical, this summer, the color will once again return to the version, but not shoes, but to the air JORDAN12 “andair game design cheap jordans blueprint slippers. In addition to imitate the color of the shoes and the shoe body lines outside, slippers are also injected a large number of particles constitute the details, shoe wearing comfort. Reportedly, the air JORDAN12 andair game edition slippers will be in about 5 months, released this year, absolutely is summer home or out of a good choice.

Air Jordan 12 Flue Game

Air Jordan 12 Flue Game

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